Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Jessica Lall - Blind Justice

The acquittal of all the nine accused in the Jessica Lall murder case is a slap on the face of not only justice but on the fabric of society.How can anyone get away with murdering a human being in the presence of nearly four hundred people?It is really sad that nearly 140 witnesses turned hostile and equally sad that even in 21st century India, Law and Order remains a bed fellow of the rich,mighty and powerful(read politicians).It is truly a black day for justice.
Petition for Retrial


Vinayak said...

Jessica Lall case and the Acquittal :

I' equally saddened. This is atrocious and makes a laughing stock of our system of criminal investigation & criminal justice. This is a Blot on the nation. More at


Bina007 said...

At least in India, corruption is out in the open: in the US it is barely noticeable. You let rich, influential people get convicted in open court, but then just have the President pardon them e.g. Patty Hearst, Mark Rich...