Thursday, February 09, 2006

The 3 Cs of Marketing

Industrial marketing is very different from consumer marketing.Industrial buyers buy products/services on behalf of their organizations and not for their personal use whereas consumer buyers buy them for their personal consumption.The 4Ps of marketing hold good even for Industrial marketing but to be a successful sales person the 3 C s have to be followed.
The first C is - Convince the customer.A good sales person should try to convince a customer with a good proposal or a presentation which should leave the customer convinced that your product will fulfill his need.
Second C is- Confuse the customer;If unable to convince him confuse him with lots of jargon, lots of add ons which he may not need at all etc.
The last C should be the last resort and only used when desperate for a sale- Corrupt the customer.Corrupt the customer with cash,women ,wine...These fundas wont be available in any Management text book but more often than not sales people clinch deals using these same fundas.

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krishnan said...

U can also add "COLLABORATE"--your competitiors enemy becomes your friend with whom you can collaborate