Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tolichowki to Chennai

The Telugu film industry nowadays is known more for producing politcal leaders than superhits. Amidst this gloom like a beacon stands our very own Yuva ratna (Youth gem) Balakrishna. Balaiah as he is popularly known has decided to break all filmy records by joining the "remake" bandwagon.Last heard he was remaking Chadni Chowk to China in telugu..aptly titled Tolichowki to Chennai.Its said to be a magnum opus in the making and narrates the story of Balu a bumbling tiffin center cook who as luck would have it bumps into the mystical old man Arengetram(Amitabh Bacchan ,first time in a telugu movie). Arengetram reveals that in his previous birth Balu was a famous bharatnatyam dancer from Chennai and was beaten by a cruel crude dancer , prabhu deva in a once in a life time role.Chennai has been under his spell ever since . Like a south Indian Yoda Arengetram teaches our idly dosa making cook the intricacies of Bharatnatya.WIll Balu succeed ? Will he be able to beat the break dancing deva? Will Chennai be finally rid of the weird moon walks? Am waiting impatiently for the start of this momentous adventure.Tolichowki to Chennai is definitely goin to be the biggest grosser of all time.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Life ,Luck and Laughter

It all began on a bright sunny morning. I was strolling towards my house,humming aimlessly,about to acknowledge the smile of a neighbour,when a streak of red 'swooshed' past me and I was drenched in puddle water.The car driver waved sorry,the neighbour smiled sympathetically and I stood there thinking "not again!!".The drenching of me,the third time in the week ,made me inquisitive,Was I unlucky?was there really such a thing calle bad luck?Was I an incarnation of charlie brown?the more I thought about it the more my mind wandered into the annals of the past,where I had so often been the hapless victim of fate.From the time in kindergarten where i used to be bullied by the gilrs in my class to the time I was in college where inadvetently I would end up as the only guy with a spelling mistake in my name in my degree certificate.Now come to think of it whenever a situation demanded finesse I end up making a faux the time in a restaurant ,having chicken and clumsy as I am with a fork and knife ,launched a meat ball into orbit and watched it,helplessly and in vain,as it landed in the plate of another customer ,who as it turned out was a hardcore vegetarian .I still start sweating from the palms when I reminisce what followed suit.
It always rains when i plan to go out .the electricity always goes 'kaput'when i am all set to watch a movie on television.the girls in my class used to beat me literally at all the sports.I have never won a lottery in my life.I always end up with just one number to go whenever i play tambola.I was the only guy in my school who sepnt his entire teenage without ever going out on a date.The mike always develops a glitch when i am on stage to address an audience.The list goes on and on.Is it bad karma?Is God playing tricks on his worthless creation?Could some fatidic individual please tell me when luck would finally smile at me.As a myriad of questions flitted thru my mind I caved in ,I gave up and thought what the heck if I was created to provide laughter to the 'one' above who was I to complain.Luck has taken a long divorce from me and I am sure the only people who will ever read this piece are my wife and office mates ,but hey atleast I know it is not my fault,it is my stars,all skewed and out of the next time you feel cheated by aint seen anything my friend,you are way down the list.rejoice,be happy and laugh,cause I am luck's least priority.Oops my IT manager just caught me blogging in office...bad luck strikes again.