Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tolichowki to Chennai

The Telugu film industry nowadays is known more for producing politcal leaders than superhits. Amidst this gloom like a beacon stands our very own Yuva ratna (Youth gem) Balakrishna. Balaiah as he is popularly known has decided to break all filmy records by joining the "remake" bandwagon.Last heard he was remaking Chadni Chowk to China in telugu..aptly titled Tolichowki to Chennai.Its said to be a magnum opus in the making and narrates the story of Balu a bumbling tiffin center cook who as luck would have it bumps into the mystical old man Arengetram(Amitabh Bacchan ,first time in a telugu movie). Arengetram reveals that in his previous birth Balu was a famous bharatnatyam dancer from Chennai and was beaten by a cruel crude dancer , prabhu deva in a once in a life time role.Chennai has been under his spell ever since . Like a south Indian Yoda Arengetram teaches our idly dosa making cook the intricacies of Bharatnatya.WIll Balu succeed ? Will he be able to beat the break dancing deva? Will Chennai be finally rid of the weird moon walks? Am waiting impatiently for the start of this momentous adventure.Tolichowki to Chennai is definitely goin to be the biggest grosser of all time.

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