Thursday, April 27, 2006

Opal Mehta and Kaavvya Vishwanath - Kiss and Tell

Deja Vu....thats what a person feels when he reads the lines he has written but published under someone else's name.Then realization dawns that the lines have been nicked.Kaavya Vishwanath's book How Opal Mehta Got Kissed,Got Wild and Got a Life has opened a can of plagiarized worms.Her defense that she pinched the lines out of reverence to the author is as weak as George Bush's claims of Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq.The controversy though has helped Kaavvya a lot and "Opalgate " will definitely give the book sales a boost.As for the book ,well I wish the entire book had been plagiarized.An amaeturish attempt to write a story has been passd off as a book.The style is very ordinary and its books like these which make the likes of me dream of becoming future writers.If you have seen the teen movies,if you have seen the Desi movies well you just about know what's in store.
One good thing about the book? Well ...well.....the picture of Kaavvya on the back cover.
This new trend of creating controversies to sell ,be it the wardrobe malfuntions or plagiarizing specific paragraphs leaves a bad taste in my mouth .In the 21st century quality doesnt sell , controvery definitely does.