Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Arjun Singh - Quota King

Just when India seemed to be heading towards El Dorado,just when everything in India was touching unprecedented heights - from the sensex to the Indian cricket team,Arjun Singh happened.In true Congress style he pulled the cheapest trcik of them all- QUOTA.
A secular country is one where any discrimination based on caste ,creed or sex is non existent.Quota is a slap on secularism.It will not only hamstrung India's progress but also divide the country like never before.The sad part is that Dr.Manmohan Singh ,a hero for the entire youth of India,has succumbed to the lucre of power and become a mere puppet in the hands of dirty Congress politics.
India should burn,India will burn.I am doing my tuppence protesting against such dastardly ,divisive policies.I fore see an India where a new wave of naxalism will emerge..the only difference this time would be that the new age naxalites will not be some down trodden tribals but doctors and engineers of this country.
I will never vote for Congress ever again and I wish anyone who reads this post does the same.The Left parties have been the biggest roadblock to India's success.I sometimes feel that the Communists are anti nationalists .Their contribution to India has been a big zero.
Arjun Singh will one day meet the most hideous end ever imagined.He has challenged the youth of India and he ill get a very fitting reply.Kudos to all the doctors and Engineers agitating against Mandal II .We are united in this battle ...if we could get freedom from the British am sure we can get freedom from a bunch of unscrupulous politicians.