Monday, July 27, 2009

Sach Ka Saamna - An Inconvenient Truth

The furore caused by the new game show Sach Ka Samna ( desi version of The Moment of Truth) in India raises the age old question of modern India - What is the definition of Indian culture ? In a rare show of Unity , politicians from all the parties stand united against the broadcast of this programme as they feel that it is against the basic fibre of Indian Society and culture. I wonder how a participant admitting an extra marital affair or for that matter any other personal kinkiness affects "Indian Culture". The sach behind these protests is that it actually has no link to culture. The fact that its the politicians who have a problem and not the junta is itself an indicator that there is more to than meets the eye. The use of the Polygraph test though not admissible in court is often the norm in most of the police investigations. Now imagine a celebrity on national TV under the same test making an outrageous statement against the lords of this country ( read politicians) and it be proved true. It will open a can of worms and the Netas are running scared.Its high time the citizens of our country decide what to watch and for politicians to spend the tax payers money in finding solutions to issues like deaths due to malnutrition rather than waste it on such meaningless issues.

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