Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Cricketing Fundas for Team India

What ails the Indian cricket team?This question is as frequently asked as the strikes called by the Left parties in India.I too have given it a lot of thought and tried to analyze the situation in a MBAesque way.
Leadership : More often than not the blame of a poor defeat is put on the captain.India though has had exceptional leaders be it Ganguly or Dravid.So leadership is never an issue.The leader though is.Most Indian captains are usually swayed by biases towards their state/zone and cricketers who are not worth their salt end up representing India.
Bench Marking :I agree that any player who plays first class cricket will have some talent and also agree that due to the captain's and selectors' whims and fancies the best players may not be selected but still India can be No 1 if they bench mark themselves against New Zealand.No individual player is great but all 11 make a great team.
Strategy :We often see the same players score runs against India over and over again.I mean who can forget Anwar,Chanderpaul,Hayden,Afridi,Younis Khan,Jayasuriya,Inzamam,Andy Flower...and many more.What does this show?It shows that India doesnt have a strategy for each player or if it does have one it is the wrong one.
So all India has to do is have a good leader who can benchmark his team's style of playing to New Zealands' and have a sure shot strategy for each and every opponent we face and we would be at the top of the cricketing world.

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