Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Democracy or Dumbocracy

I have often taken pride in the fact that democracy in India has not only survived but flourished against all odds.The Maharashtra elections though have shaken the foundations of these very beliefs. Is democracy really the boon we claim it to be or has it become a statistical tool to win elections? It amazes me how a party which ruled for 5 years and had large doses of corruption,maoist terror,hate crimes,the worst terror attack in Indian History,farmer suicides,train bombings etc be reeleceted ? Have the people of India really misunderstood the meaning of democracy? Even after 60 years of independence are we still in a hangover of slavery?Are the politicians the new royalty?How can so many sons and daughters of politicians win in these elections?Why was the only new issue (marathi manoos) of the election as old as the patriach of the weak opposition? How can a ruling party get rewarded for its non governance or am I wrong ?Does the common Indian not care about bomb blasts and internal security or farmer suicides? have we become so self absorbed that we have become immune to the misfortunes of others?Was the so called "spirit of mumbai" a synonym for "Ï care a damn " ? Questions questions and so many questions but I dont see any answers in sight. When I look at the development and the discipline and the security and the efficiecny with which things are done in Oman ,I often wonder if maybe democracy wasnt that great a thing to happen to India.

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