Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Greatest Sportsmen of all Time

I have listed the top five sportsmen of all time(in no particular order).These are people whose fame has transcended their sport and are the
most recognised celebrities.They are accepted as true champions across nations and even by people who do not follow their sport.And yes they are legends in their respective sports.

1. Michael Jordan - Ask anyone anywhere ,every body knows Michael Jordan.In India where NBA coverage came only in the mid 90s Jordan was already a star and very easily recognizable.His basketball skills are legendary and has been recognized as a true champion.
2. Michael Schumacher - The name Michael Schumacher has become synonymous with Formula 1.Schumacher is the face of motor sport and even in countries like India where motorsport is not very popular he has attained legendary status.
3. Tiger Woods - Another superstar who has wowed even the Golf ignorant world.Woods is to golf what Schumacher is to F1.
4. Mohammad Ali - Probably the greatest champion of all.He is known world wide even by people who have not watched a single fight of his.
5. Lance Armstrong - One man against all odds,he has captured the imagination of the world like none other.A champion par excellence.

Another name to just miss out of my list is Nadia Comaneci the first gymnast to get a perfect 10 score.


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Read up about Don Bradman...

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