Friday, January 27, 2006

Martina Hingis - A true tennis great.

When Martina Hingis hit a forehand long in her encounter against Kim Clijsters in the Australian Open the crowd rose to their feet not to cheer Clijsters for her victory but to cheer Hingis .Martina Hingis was the queen of tennis when a foot injury put her out for two years.Doctors said she would never be able to play again but the Swiss miss fought against all odds and after a two year lay off showed that she still had the game to unsettle even the best.
I am sure that asthe year progresses Martina will get even better and will rightfully claim her place at the top.

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krishnan said...

write a blog because u want to express something, not because, U want people to read your blog. Good blogs will automatically attract people(u may have to do a little bit of marketing,but, please ensure that your page doesn't look like a page out of Times of India---95% advertisement and 5 % news)